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About Us

Why Should You Consider Sending Your Children To Catholic Elementary School?

Parents of existing students from Long Island’s Catholic elementary schools were asked three questions;

Why did you choose to send your children to a Catholic elementary school?

Some of the answers; '...to celebrate our families strong faith', ',... because we wanted the best academic environment....', '... because the schools reinforce the values we live at home', and '... because we wanted our children to go to a Catholic high school' were not surprising. Some of their answers might surprise you.... They surprised us!

What benefits have your children received as a result of your choice of Catholic elementary school?

When the parents of current and former students, and some recent graduates are asked about the benefits of a Catholic elementary education they offered a variety of responses.

What advice would you offer to other parents who are considering a Catholic elementary school education?

We wanted to offer advice from the parents of current students that might help you in your evaluation so we asked them directly: What advice would you offer to the prospective families that are visiting this site to help choose a school for their children?

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