Catholic elementary schools are 'A place where children grow and succeed.'

Catholic School Students Succeed

Catholic School EnrollmentNationally, Catholic Education...

  • Almost 20% (19.8%) are racial minorities. The largest part of that group is Hispanic students representing 15%.
  • Non-Catholic enrollment is 16.4% of the total
  • There are 6,594 Catholic schools. 5,399 elementary, 1,195 secondary.
  • The student/teacher ratio is 13:1.
  • Full-time equivalent professional staff numbered 151,351.
  • 96.8% of the staff are Laity and 3.2% are Religious/Clergy

National Education RatesPercentage of Sophomores who attained a Bachelor's Degree or higherNationally, Catholic students succeed...

  • SAT scores – College bound religious school students scored and average of 1595 on the 2013 SAT (Reading 531, Writing 528, Math 536) vs an average of 1474 for college bound public school students (Reading 491, Writing 480, Math 503) *source – CAPE Outlook, Oct – Nov 2013
  • College 'Ready' - ACT, the college admissions testing company reported significant differences in the assessment of the percentage of students deemed to be ready for college coursework. (see inset diagram for categories and percentages) *CAPE Outlook Sept. 2012
  • Graduation from college: A 2012 study by the Council for American Private Education (CAPE) found that almost twice as many Catholic high school graduates likely to attain their Bachelor Degree when compared to their public school counterparts. (Public – 31.1%, Catholic 61.9%)
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