Catholic elementary schools are 'A place where children grow and succeed.'

Success Stories

Catholic elementary schools are well-known for the high expectations they have for the academic achievements of every student. The more intimate knowledge of each student’s strengths and learning needs allow for a more individualized allocation of resources to help each student reach their full academic potential. But the edge these students develop is more than that. It is the development of the discipline and character that is the foundation for their future success. This ‘foundation’ of good study skills, a developed passion for learning, and the self confidence to believe in themselves helps each student succeed. Most will go on to a prestigious Catholic high school, and 99% of those students will go on to college.

Below are the stories of high-achieving Catholic school students:

High Expectations – High Achievement

Sacred Heart Valedictorian Repeats Extraordinary Accomplishment

When your older sister was the valedictorian of Long Island’s prestigious Sacred Heart Academy, and you are the youngest of three on the same education path, there is a lot of pressure to perform. Kaitlyn Powers, the 2014 valedictorian of Sacred Heart proved that she could handle the pressure, add a measure of varsity sports, and still manage her time well enough to have earned a 104.51 GPA. READ MORE

Keeping the Faith

St. Mary’s High School Valedictorian Upholds Family Tradition

It is often said that experience is the best teacher. The best and brightest of us however can also learn from the experiences of trusted family members. That is certainly the case with St. Mary’s High School valedictorian Lindsay Marrone who followed in her father’s footsteps at St. William the Abbot Catholic elementary school in Seaford. READ MORE

The Chemistry in Catholic School Was Right for Steven Parrinelli

St. Dominic High School Valedictorian Pursues Career in Medicine

When you speak to Steven Parrinelli today, you sense a smart, confident young man who is carefully selecting his next moves to achieve his goal of a career in medicine. But as a grammar school student at St. Patrick School in Huntington, Steven hadn’t selected a direction for his life. In fact, according to Steven; “My breakout years didn’t come until I was a high school student.” READ MORE

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