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Keeping the Faith

St. Mary’s High School Valedictorian Upholds Family Tradition

It is often said that experience is the best teacher. The best and brightest of us however can also learn from the experiences of trusted family members. That is certainly the case with St. Mary’s High School valedictorian Lindsay Marrone who followed in her father’s footsteps at St. William the Abbot Catholic elementary school in Seaford.

A ‘Generational Student’

Lindsay Marrone did something that many students in Catholic schools do, attend the specific Catholic elementary school that their parent, parents, and sometimes even grandparents attended. The keen awareness of the advantages of a Catholic education often leads parents to want the same for their children. What is unique is what Lindsay did with her opportunity.

Starting at St. William the Abbot Elementary School in Seaford, just like her father, Lindsay built the foundation for her future. Coming from a faith-filled family, Lindsay says “The school, and the values I learned there are at the core of who I am.”  She continued; “The values my parents lived were reinforced and they’ve become my values.” Lindsay has been and is still very active within the parish with roles as an Alter Server, a Eucharistic Minister and a Lector.

Among other things, Lindsay credits the tight relationship she had with the Principal of St. William the Abbot at the time, Mrs. Guardino, for some of her success at St. William’s. Mrs. Guardino even saw Lindsay’s name in the newspaper following her high school graduation and wrote Lindsay a beautiful note congratulating her on her success.

The Long Road to High School

As a strong student coming out of Catholic middle school there are many fine choices for high school and the overwhelming majority of students elect to continue at a prestigious Catholic high school. In Lindsay’s case, there were a number of geographically preferable Catholic high schools but Lindsay “Fell in love with St. Mary’s High School in Manhasset.” Although the long commute to school would make things more difficult and more expensive, Lindsay’s outstanding academic work at St. Williams qualified her for a scholarship that made St. Mary’s possible. Because St. Mary’s was outside of the 15 mile limit that her public school district would provide busing for, Lindsay made her long commute to high school on two public buses. Although it was a long trip, Lindsay says “You learn how to make the most of the time…. you learn to be productive during the commute.”

High Expectations – Fulfilled

Lindsay MarroneLindsay had high expectations for St. Mary’s High School, and before long, she realized that the teachers and faculty had even higher expectations of her. Lindsay carried a full course load, took AP (Advanced Placement) courses and become very independent during her time at St. Mary’s. Some of the things that stood out for Lindsay included “the many opportunities I had to develop and practice my public speaking skills, and participation in the Mock Trial Club.” As Lindsay puts it, “Mock trial taught me how to think on my feet.”

Lindsay also credits a special relationship she has with the President of The Schools of Saint Mary, Mrs. Grace Cavallo for making the high school experience memorable. “Mrs. Cavallo started when I was a freshman.” said Lindsay. “She was very approachable. She inspired me with her faith.” That relationship continues today and Lindsay credits Mrs. Cavallo most recently with helping her apply to colleges.

Major Universities – Major Decisions

As the valedictorian from a prestigious school like St. Mary’s, Lindsay had a wide number of college alternatives including her first choice, Williams College, where she was accepted.  “I loved Williams and that is where I wanted to go.” said Lindsay. “I didn’t think of applying to Princeton because I never thought I’d be accepted.”  Following a visit to Princeton a week before the application deadline, Lindsay’s parents convinced her to apply. Lindsay rushed her application through just under the deadline and was accepted and offered a financial grant about a week before Christmas. “It was the best Christmas gift I could have ever received.” exclaimed Lindsay. The decision to go to Princeton ultimately, as Lindsay says “Was a gut feeling”.

Deciding on a major was also a significant decision. “I wanted a career that allowed me to use my fluency in both English and Spanish, I wanted to travel, and I loved mock trial club in high school.” said Lindsay.  “My major, and my career goals were definitely to do something on the international sphere.” Hoping to add additional language skills while at Princeton, Lindsay will likely select either International Law or International Business as her major. Either way she says; “I will follow some good advice that my father gave me. He told me to ‘do something that I love so I will never work a day in my life’.”

While we’re confident that Lindsay’s talent and ability will allow her to achieve anything she sets her mind to, even she was concerned that a career in the legal profession might put her in the position where her principles will be challenged. “My faith and my principles are important to me.” said Lindsay.

We think the Lindsay’s principles are exactly what the international legal and business community needs.

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