A Catholic Elementary Education is an Advantage that Lasts a Lifetime

Long Island Catholic Elementary Schools represent 35 Nassau and Suffolk Catholic elementary schools run by the Diocese of Rockville Centre. Additionally, there are four private Catholic elementary schools on LI. Together; over 13,000 students are currently enrolled. Student’s ages range from Nursery through eighth grade. Our schools meet or exceed New York State Guidelines and feature an integrated program of faith and values.

What We Do

We nourish the mind and spirit of every child.

A creative academic program and powerful spiritual guidance are the heart of every day at Long Island Catholic Elementary Schools. Our commitment to strong, individualized instruction, enhanced by advanced learning technologies, ensures that all children receive the personalized attention that builds knowledge and self-esteem in addition to the skills and study habits that prepare them for the academic challenges ahead. Daily teachings of faith bring spiritual values to life and foster in children an active and humane concern for others.

We guide children on the path to more fulfilling lives.

Our academic rigor, emphasis on spiritual values, along with our commitment to extracurricular growth opportunities, all combine to give children the knowledge, skills, and confidence to go farther. The result? Higher performance in the classroom and on recognized standardized tests and an exceptionally high rate of college admissions. More important, our students become well-rounded individuals who go on to lead successful personal and professional lives and who become active, caring members of the community.