Why Catholic School?

The Many Benefits of a Catholic Education

Not all education systems are made equal. Each school or educational system has its own principles and philosophies that govern how they teach and develop a child. Having said that, a Catholic education system has been proven in time, surveys and studies to offer advantages compared to other forms of education systems. Source: People's Alliance for Continuing Education (PACE) paceorg.net

Five Reasons Why Parents Choose a Catholic School Education

There are many great reasons to choose a Catholic education. This article explores what for most people are the top five reasons.

Catholic Schools Always Have and Always Will Welcome All

Catholic schools, by nature, disrupt racism and injustice.

Why You Might Consider a Catholic School (even if you are not Catholic)

Catholic school is open to every child. Here's why you might want to consider Catholic education, even if you aren't Catholic.

Going to a Catholic School: Some Pros and Cons

Here are some good and some not so good things about giving your children an education through Catholic schools.