Elementary Education

Catholic Elementary Schools provide a world-class elementary education

An elementary education at a Catholic school engages children at an important formative time in their lives. They are learning information, but it is much more than that. They are learning about themselves, about their place and purpose in the world, and about their obligations to others. Catholic school stands out as a place that addresses all of the relevant aspects of a young person’s life. A Catholic school’s broad charter allows us to ‘educate the whole person’, in mind, in body and in spirit. It is a difference that creates an advantage for their entire life.

We have high expectations for every student

Children live up to the expectations that you have for them, and in Catholic school our expectations are very high. Each child is taught that they are special in God’s eyes, and that their life, and every life is with a purpose. The smaller school and class sizes mean that each child is known by name, and their areas of strengths, and of need, are known by their teacher who then guides their academic development using traditional and high tech educational tools. They attend classes in the company of the children from many like-minded families who also take an active role in their children’s education and personal development. Achievement isn’t an individual goal, but a shared responsibility of all of the members of the school community. Teachers, parents and their classmates all play an important role and help each student achieve their goals.

Our better environment for learning meets and exceeds New York State and Diocesan standards

Our academic curriculum is based on the New York State learning standards and on the Diocesan standards for Religious Education.  Our students excel on State and National proficiency examinations, they take State Regents exams, and they graduate ready to excel on the Catholic High School Entrance Examination. They learn the discipline and study skills necessary to excel in their academic pursuits and our technology infused classroom environments engage today’s ‘digital native’ students. But ultimately it is the decorum, discipline and structure in Catholic school that makes it a better environment for learning.

Engaging extracurricular activities and a competitive sports program help students find themselves

A wide range of sports and extracurricular activities are offered so students can discover their special talents and experience many different activities. From theatre to photography, Lego clubs to stained glass making, there is something for every interest. While the clubs, sports and activities are somewhat different at each school, the schools utilize local assets to bring great local activities into the student’s lives. For example, Long Beach Catholic offers a Surfing Team, St Patrick in Smithtown offers and Equestrian Club and St Patrick’s in Bay Shore offers swimming

Catholic schools form children for a living encounter with Jesus Christ

Our defining characteristic is the relationship our students build with Christ. Prayer is a regular part of the school day, and weekly and monthly Masses and religion classes help reinforce the values you live at home. We see the world through the lens of our faith. Children are taught to see Christ in one another, and to consider how they can be living disciples through their respect for themselves and for each other.  Catholic school is a place where we both learn and live our faith. Age-appropriate service projects engage students at each grade level, reminding students of our obligation to help those less-fortunate than ourselves.

Catholic school students demonstrate higher academic achievement, have higher high school graduation rates, are more likely to go to college, and are more likely to pray daily and attend church as adults.