Middle School Education

Taking the reins of leadership

The move from elementary school to middle school marks the beginning of a new set of expectations and a new world of opportunities. Challenging academic curriculum, inspired Catholic teachings, and an array of new after-school activities give each student the intellectual, spiritual and social preparation needed for greater achievement in high school, college and beyond.  A renewed focus on study skills and research skills begin to prepare students for the rigors of high school, and the programs and activities the students once participated in, they now lead. They mentor younger students, assume larger roles in liturgies, and lead activities ranging from science fairs to drama productions. From captaining sports teams to supervising community service work, middle school students learn to motivate and manage others.

Maintaining academic superiority

The middle school program continues your student’s challenging academic curriculum. Rigorous literature, math, computer, art, music and foreign language classes continue to engage all students, and qualifying students can enhance their studies with accelerated programs. Our  students consistently score in the top percentages on national and state testing and most schools boast a 100% acceptance rate into prestigious Long Island Catholic high schools.

Putting their faith into practice

The moral and spiritual lessons students have learned along the way guide them in charitable activities and community service. From stocking food banks to sharing with those less fortunate, Catholic school students put their faith into action by responding to others in a caring, respectful and helpful manner every day. Middle school students also play an important role in the school by mentoring others through participation in buddy programs and by modeling their faith for younger students.

Giving back to the Parish community

As our students reach middle school they begin to assume more important roles in our faith community. Middle school students assist with the Parish ministries including Parish Outreach, they function as altar servers, and they participate in prayer groups. Seventh and eighth grade students mentor younger students, they lead the Student Government, staff the Safety Patrol, participate in the National Junior Honor Society and lead prayer services. It is in the middle school level that lifetime bridges between our students and the parish are created.

A broader range of sports and activities

In addition to continuing some of the interests students have been cultivating since Early Education in language, band and choir, middle school students get to help their fellow students by supporting the school’s labs as a member of the Technology Club, they assist other students as Library/Media Club members, and the can participate in STEM Science Fairs and Math Bees. Aspiring journalists create and produce school newspapers or produce radio or TV broadcasts. The athletic types participate in CMSAA (Catholic Middle School Athletic Association) organized interscholastic sports programs. And there are new and more advanced extracurricular activities exclusively for middle school like the drama club that supports each year’s theatrical production and trips and retreats become more advanced and more frequent.

Becoming the young men and women who will shape our future

Confident in their abilities, Catholic middle school students spread their wings and begin to soar. With values built on a rock-solid foundation and an exceptional education that has engaged each child’s unique abilities, students begin to blossom into young man and women of character.